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2016 Schedule

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Fun Runs starting now! Official practice starts 8/24.
Team sign-ups are welcome all through September (though earlier the better)

Wed 9/14 - vs Scranton (@ PHS)
Thu 9/22 - Pirate Challenge (@ PHS)
Wed 9/28 - vs Centennial, Scranton, Millennium (@ Island Lake State Park)
Fri 9/30 - Legends (@ Huron Meadows Metro Park)
Wed 10/5 - vs Millennium (@ PHS)
Wed 10/12 - vs Highlander Way (@ Highlander Way, Howell)
Sat 10/15 - Run Thru Meadows (@ Huron Meadows Metro Park)
Wed 10/19 - vs Parker (@ Three Fires Elementary, Howell)
Sat 10/22 - Mega Champs (mandatory!) (@ Hudson Mills Metro Park)
Wed 10/26 - Harvest a PR (@ Huron Meadows Metro Park)
Wed 11/2 - Team Party - after school in Pathfinder cafeteria

6-7-8th graders:
To join, here's what the athletic department needs:
No student athlete will be allowed to participate in practice, try-outs, or a game UNTIL they have the following requirements met.


And here's what the coach needs:
1)A completed INFORMATION FORM (our own emergency contact info, so that we can have the information at our fingertips at every practice/competition)
Remember, any of the paperwork listed above can be given to the coach. Checks ($110) payable to "Pinckney Community Schools" can also be given to the coach.

To join, it's way simpler: 1)This form
2)check for $75, payable to "Pinckney XC" - must be turned in to coach or mailed to:
Jeff Hollobaugh, 3130 Kensington St, Dexter, MI 48130



Be a part of our winning tradition in Pinckney cross country. Our high school has one of the best running programs in the state, with three state titles in the last decade. Our middle school teams also have a winning tradition, and it’s all about having fun.

Already involved in a sport this fall like soccer? We can make the schedules fit together!


Shocking? A winning team where there are no cuts, everyone participates in all of the competitions, and everyone is welcome, no matter how fast or slow! And there will always be a place for you in cross country. Even when you’re in high school, our state championship program will welcome you!

Join now! Last year we had over 120 runners on the team. If you are going to be in the 6th, 7th or 8th grade, we want you to be with us, no matter how fast you are. Everyone on the team is part of our success. Looking for running opportunities for younger kids? Check out PinckneyXC!

Questions? Contact Coach Jeff Hollobaugh *